Archieved August: Update: Vick gets off for Now

In Crime, jerks, Sports on October 7, 2007 by Editor Z

Atlanta Falcon’s quarterback Michael Vick was indicted last week on charges of dogfighting. The team was gonna suspend Vick, but the NFL later decided to call off the punishment until an investigation (conducted by the NFL themselves)is complete.

My Take: Vick should have at least been suspended for the four days the Falcons were willing to bench him (if not a longer suspension) prior to the investigation being complete and he should have been suspended without pay. Dog fighting is a breeding ground (no pun in tended) for those dealing drugs and spectators often bet on which dog will win in a violent dog fight. Back in Boarding school I remember hearing of a fellow student talking about taking two beta fish who hate each other, placing them in a small tank with a partition separating and then with a crowd gathered round, they would remove the partition separating the two fish and bet money on which one would die first. Its all like cock fighting where birds do it. Its outrageous, immature, and stupid, no matter how someone spins it. The NFL should if for nothing else the image and reputation of the whole Atlanta Falcon’s team at least bench Vick without pay for at least four games, while this “investigation is underway” and if they find he was involved he should be either suspended without pay indefinitely or just flat kicked off the team. But not dolling out even a short suspension without pay to Vick, is wrong and from a publc relations perspective a calamity. Its time to send pro athletes a message. That they like all people, are responsible for their actions.


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