Quick Click: August 24 "He’s half the man he used to be"

In off-beat on October 8, 2007 by Editor Z

In Russia a man is now in excruciating pain and whatever it was he did to set his ex-wife off, well she more than got even with him, according to reports on Friday in a Russian newspaper. Following a divorce three years ago, the pair have lived in the same house for years. And he was just sitting naked on the couch watching tv and taking a few swigs from a bottle of voldka, when the woman, well lets just say his unclad body was the United States during civil war, and the ex-wife went south to the most sensitive region, and did to it with a lighter,exactly what General William Sherman and his army did to Atlanta. Yes a big and painful barbacue, what can in this case at least literally be called a weeny roast.

A police spokesperson when asked if the man will ever have his “Atlanta” (my word not their’s) fully “reconstructed” (again my word not thier’s), responded by saying it is “difficult to predict” (hahahaha I know they said dict). Sorry I know that was immature but the crude immature humor in me couldn’t resist.

Anyway the wounded man was asked by reporters what he did to spark (sorry again bad choice of words), this action by his wife.

“It was monstrously painful,” the wounded ex-husband told Tivoi Den. “I was burning like a tortch. I don’t know what I did to deserve this.”

Sir, on behalf of men everywhere, we cring with you. Just a guess, but the two will probably not live together too much longer.

“I know its painful, but I have to laugh”.

Via: Reuters


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