An Editors Letter to the Readers: The Box is once again being opened

In Uncategorized on October 9, 2007 by Editor Z

Since Friday night my site has been experiencing technical difficulties. The spacing on my posts would not permit words, lines, or paragraphs to be seperated by space, thereby condensing each post into one colossal paragraph. For now that has been remiedied and is being remedied, since I started my whole site over again. The mission, content, and design will remain intact for the foreseeable future baring any straight mad dash, out of the darkness, unforeseen circumstances that might arise.

Many of the articles couldn’t be saved. To transport all to this copy of the site would be too arduous of a task, far too time consuming, and much to impractical. I have however salvaged some of my best and most interesting content a little over one hundread posts, although I wish I could have rescued more from the unknown fate that befalls those documents in cyber when one clicks a mouse and plunges them into an invisible abyss, that seemingly bottomless wishing well of cyber space and human mind where deleted e-mails, posts, and forgotten memories are plunged.

If an e-mail or post was conscious of thier own existence a click of the mouse on the delete button would likely be considered akin to the launching of nuclear weapons in our world, a split decision and one press of the button can plunge everything into an unknown fate, an abyss where all that is broken resides leaving little behind. But I digress from the issue at hand.

Anyway I have strived to remain as true to the previous design and feel as possible and I am still in the process of catching up after three days of not having a new and more recent article, video clip, or link. So the site will still be at least somewhat under construction.

However I will soon begin to start posting new items once again in the next day or two. Again my apologies to all of you for this. So as I continue to keep building and decorating this domain keep in touch and continue to check it out. And please comment on the posts since all my comments were erased in the transition. Talk later and thanks again.

Best wishes:


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