September 30- R.I.P James Dean 1931-1955 Tribute

In Celebrities on October 9, 2007 by Editor Z

Earlier I said I would do a special post on the death of screen icon James Dean. He was a boy who grew up in Indiania, the heart in the vast body that is America and climbed his way from farm boy, to small time theather to the heights of Hollywood fame. But he never was able to bask in the sunshine of his achievements or impact, when he died on September 30, 1955. He only stared in three movies in his life. Only one was released while he was alive.
East of Eden

These were his three films. Unfortunatly but in a way almost poetically his work, his life, and his Character are forever frozen in that young volitile age. In one of those twists of fate and irony which is both awkward and errie, there exits on black and white film shot for television a Public Service announcement that warned of the perils of reckless driving. The last words he said were “The Life you save could be mine.” Sadly that was not to be. Dean and a friend were enroute to a car race in which Dean was to drive when they got in a car wreck. The friend survived but Dean died.

That heroic and off beat, moody and emotional combustable spirit that was the poet, actor, bongo drum player, racer, and energy that was James Dean left behind a large following of fans he likely didn’t know he yet had. As with many who are seized from life while still ripe, those left behind often wonder what it would be like if that life expanded beyond the boundaries of that day on which the released thier last breath before thier surrender to thier final fate. But we can never really know what James Dean would have done had he lived longer and maybe even if he was still alive today. Would he still be the Rebel? We will never know. All we can do is imagine.

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