This Date in History Calendar- October 3

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1863: A holiday becomes officially ingrained in the American calendar and fabric, when then President Abraham Lincoln officially reserves the third Thursday in November to annually be recognized as Thanksgiving Day.

1908: As rebellion and discontent brew further in czarist Russia, Russian political radicals adherent to the philosophy of communism and revolution establish the Prevada newspaper in Vienna where they have been banished to. The founders include the legendary radical Leon Trotsky, Martey Skobelv, and Adolph Joffee.

1932: After years under British domination, the young country of Iraq, established in the wake of World War II, gains its status as an independent country free from the occupation of the British.

1935: Italy wages war in one of the first signs of a coming global war, when it invades Ethiopia.

1951: Musician / singer Lindsay Bukingham is born.

1952: A third nation demonstrates and gains the capabilities in the realm of destructive nuclear technology, when Great Britain successfully detonates it’s first nuclear armament in a nuclear test.

1954: Musician Stevie Ray Vaughn is born

1955: A banner day in the history of children;’s television, when the classic shows Captain Kangaroo premieres on CBS and The Mickey Mouse Club on ABC.

1967: Legendary folk singer Woody Guthrie dies at a Queen’s hospital of Hunnigton’s Disease.

1990: After years of being divided by a colossal bleak wall that serves as a demarcation between the world of capitalism and the west, and the world of Communism in the East, Germany is once again brought together as one nation. What was once branded by the Soviets the Democratic Republic of Germany, fades into history, when both sides are rejoined as one Germany as they tore down the wall.

1993: Chaos, when 1,000 Somalians and 18 U.S troops are killed in effort to recapture the capitol city of Mogadishu in Somalia.

1995: After a year of scandal and questions former football player OJ Simpson is found not guilty in the double murder of his ex-wife Nichole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, he is found not guilty


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