This date in History Calendar- October 5

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Courtesy:, Wikipedia, History

1877: The final major battle between Indian nations and the U.S Calvary ends, bringing a close to the Indian Wars, when Nez Perce leader Chief Joseph surrenders to U.S General Nelson A Miles, following thirteen violent battles.

1910: The nation of Portugal opens the doors to a new age, when it breaks with and ousts it’s traditional ruling monarchy and deems itself a Republic.

1914: Battle by air is shown to be just as destructive as that by land and sea, when amidst the grind of World War I, the very first aerial combat that results in a casualty occurs.

1921: Over the airwaves of radio, the magic of the world series is broadcast to listeners in their homes as it happens, when the 1921 World Series between the New York Yankees and the New York Giants becomes the very first to be broadcast live on the radio.

1945: A strike by Hollywood set decorators turns fierce, when outside in front of the gates of the Warner Brothers Studios, frustration blooms into the ugly flower of violence as fighting and Bedlam begins to break out.

1947: Television and Presidential history is made as President Harry S Truman becomes the first to conduct a live televised White House Address, advising Americans to conserve food for the displaced and hungry in the famine and war ravaged post World War II Europe.

1953: Built on the model of the Alcohol recovery program Alcoholics Anonymous, the first documented gathering of Narcotics Anonymous occurs.

1954: Activist and Concert organizer Sir Bob Geldof is born.

1970: Years after the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967 was signed and enacted, which provided federal funding for radio and television networks that broadcast educational public programing, PBS becomes a television network.


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