This Date in History Calendar- September 30

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1888: The first documented and one of the most notorious serial killers of all time, known only as Jack the Ripper, while stalking the streets of London, kills two women who are his third and fourth victims. They are Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddows. He would end up slaughtering five women in all and his identity would never be reavealed.

1901: The very first vaccum cleaner is patoned by inventor Herbert Cecil Booth.

1927: The crowds and sports enthusiasts of baseball everywhere celebrate, after Babe Ruth becomes the first player to hit a total of sixty home runs over the course of one season.

1938: In a move by member countries that will in the future have little value or means of prevention, the League of nations outlaws “the intentional bombings of civilian populations”.

1947: Two teams from one state the New York Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers face off in the 1947 World Series, which is carried on the young medium of television for the first time.

1949: The Berlin Airlift, the campaign to transport goods to the German by air when the Soviets block off access to other means of entering the city, ends a tremendous sucess for the west and the United States.

1955: Actor and future movie legend James Dean dies in a car crash.

1960: The cartoon “The Flinstones” debuts on tv for the first time.

1962: Those who till the soil gain a voice and take a stand when Latino-American Ceaser Chavez establishes the “United Farm Workers”, a union to address the concerns of those working in agriculture.

1962: A black for the first time breaches the social demarkation that is segragation, when James Meredith enters the University of Mississipi, after having enrolled and after the Federal courts rule the College must admit him.

1991: Turmoil continues in Haiti, as Haitian President Jean Betrande Aristide is ousted from office.


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