This Date in History Calender- October 1

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1869: A mainstay in modern souvenirs is born, when in Austria the first ever non-postal postcards are made available.

1880: Inventor Thomas Edison, goes beyond inventing the electric light bulb, and establishes the first ever factory to manufacture electric lamps.

1890: Decades after being declared a public trust by President Abraham Lincoln, a move by the United States Congress establishes a breathtaking scenic Yosemite Park a National park.

1898: In a heavy handed move, Czar Nicholas II takes an action that likely further destabilized his country and his rule in the long run when he forces all Jewish inhabitants of major Russian cities from those cities.

1908: The auto industry gradually begins to blossom, when Henry Ford and his infant Ford Automotive company put the Model T on the market. It would cost any buyers $825 in American currency.

1918: Blood in the desert, when under the leadership of a young British leader who becomes a leader of Arab forces in the Middle East during the “Great War” T E Lawrence, who would be known in the fabric of history as Lawrence of Arabia, leads his guerrilla forces to victory when the take Damascus.

1928: Under the regime of Joseph Stalin, the eleven year old Soviet Union produces its first five year plan consisting of regulating industrial and agricultural manufacturing to a series of quotas that will be put into effect for small incruments of time typically five years).

1936: In the midst of civil war and upheaval in Spain between communist/Republicans and Nationalist (Fascist) forces, fascist General Fransisco Franco ascends to power as leader of the countries Nationalist Government. A position that would remain in his grip until his death in 1975.

1938: In an omenous sign of the coming of a second World War, Nazi Germany annexxes the Sudetenland’s.

1949: A seismic shift and seminal moment on the global stage, that strikes fear and awe into the minds of America, when the communist forces defeat the Nationalist government led by China’s President Chaing Kaishek, and Communist Leader General Mao Zedong, officially proclaims the Republic of China, the People’s Republic of China.

1964: Suppression of student political activity on the campus at the university of California located in Berkley, California, the Free Speech movement is born leading to student rallies and clashes with police that would become legendary.

1965: Pollution is seriously addressed in early environmental legislation that sets emissions standards for cars.

1979: With much controversy in the U.S, the Panama Canal’s sovereignty is returned to the country of panama.


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