Click On This: A new Batch of Recalls on merchansise made in…………..

In China, Recalls on October 10, 2007 by Editor Z


Another in a long series of recalls on products made in China which can pose potential health and safety hazards to consumers, was disclosed today. The series of products varies from children’s cups distributed at Starbucks, to fluorescent lights, to glitter candles, to AC adapters that can be used along with portable Dvds players, and ceiling lights. All those products were manufactured in China. This is the latest in several recalls of products ranging from toothpaste, to pet food, to toys that have been recalled this year due to the safety and health hazards posed by them.

This has also gained China much unfavorable attention and global scrutiny for its cost reducing methods of production.

For more information check out the Federal Consumer Protection Safety Commission (http;//

In a somewhat related story there is also a recall on 70,400 lbs of a chicken and pasta product from Alki Foods InC, a Connecticut based company, you can also check out the Consumer Protection Safety Commissions website or the Department of Agriculture’s website for information on that too.

MY TAKE: Just another reason why those who peddle “Free” Trade as a solution to all the economic ills of the world and the gateway to prosperity are severely mistaken. We have to stand up to countries such as China and others who take outsourced jobs (thanks to our own government and a collection of corporate figures), use cheap and unsafe standards in production, manufacture cheap and harmful products, abuse workers, and show reckless disregard for the national environment.

Its time to quit outsourcing and realize that ion exchange for the cheap plastic crap at Wal-Mart we are purchasing goods that are low quality and could endanger our safety.

Source: Associated Press

So much for all that rhetoric about the communists crusading for the worker! Seriously all these recalls are beyond the point of being absurd.


2 Responses to “Click On This: A new Batch of Recalls on merchansise made in…………..”

  1. recall on toothpaste? really?

  2. yeah that one was a while ago.

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