Rainy Day Washed Away my Past

In Editor's Notes, literature, personal, poetic on October 10, 2007 by Editor Z

Where did it all go?
the promise of the past
Thought it would always be frozen always last.

Why do I forget it?
Too much to drink at twilight?
When night seems like an epic spoiling for a fight.
spirits whiplashed by crisis?
out of cash?
Never climbed the school jungle gym or got his homework done.
Playing hide and seek with mirages and the chasing his hearts flaming sun
Where will it all go tommarow?
You gonna again get drenched in the rainstorms of sorrow?
Cause you don’t have anymore to borrow,
from yesterday’s antiqued and fading tommarow.

What I will be watching tonight:


One Response to “Rainy Day Washed Away my Past”

  1. this is beauuuuutiful, Alex! My favorite lines are the spirits/crisis one and the idea of a heart as a flaming sun.

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