This Date in History Calendar- October 10

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Courtesy:, Wikipedia, History Channel

1911: China, a land that has clung to tradition in the face of a modernizing world, decides to enter a new age, when the Wuchang Uprising unfolds, resulting in the disempowering of the country’s mighty ruling Qing dynasty under the last ruling Xuantong emperor 5-year-old Pu yi, and the formation of the Republic of China with Sun Yat Sen as provisional president.

1913: An endevor began years earlier ends with a thunderous blast, when U.S President Woodrow Wilson marks the end of the building of the Panama Canal with the dynamiting of the Gamboa Dike.

1938: Europe inches ever closer to war and Nazi Germany gains momentum, when the Munich Agreement, offically and completly surrenders the Sudatenlands to Nazi Germany.

1944: Atrocity and tragedy perpetrated by the Nazi officals at the infamous concentration camp in Auschawitz, when 800 Gypsy children detained at the facility are viciously slaughtered.

1957: Racial prejucice mixes with foreign affairs when following a Delaware restaraunt’s denial to serve him based on his race, the Finance Minister to the African nation of Ghana is extended an apology by U.S President Dwight D Eisenhower.

1963: The first Nuclear Test Ban Treaty offically goes into affect.

1965: After a month, the 1st U.S Calvary Division begins opperations in Vietnam.

1973: Following allegations of tax evassions and his acceptance of bribes during his brief tenure as Governor of Maryland, U.S Vice President Spiro Agnew resigns from office in disgrace.

1979: Video Games in thier embryonic stages, when a arcade video game that will be a massive hit in the 1980s and will serve as a foundation for future videogames, that will become known as Pac Man is put on the market by the japanese company Namco.


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  1. pacmans birthday haha

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