Gore and UN Climate Change panel win the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

In environment, peace, politics on October 12, 2007 by Editor Z

It was announced this morning that former U.S Vice President Al Gore and the United nations intergovernmental panel on Climate Change, are the recipients of the 2007 Nobel peace Prize, for their efforts to spread knowledge and contribute efforts to halting global climate change.

The move comes months after Gore received an Academy award for his 2006 Documentary on Global warming “An Inconvenient Truth”, and as efforts to get Gore into the Democratic Primary for the Democratic Nomination in the 2008 U.S Presidential Elections have been stepped up by some, including a group that released a full page advertisement in the New York Times, to Persuade Gore to enter the race, though Gore has said that he as of now isn’t interested in running for president.

Regarding the money Gore will receive as a joint winner of the Nobel Peace Prize Gore states that he will donate the entire amount to the Alliance for Climate Protection, an organization that seeks to fight Global Climate Change.

It was much anticipated that Gore would receive the award, but Gore has been heavily criticised in some circles for his stance and outspokenness on the issue. many Conservatives have alleged that the Science on which Gore bases his claims are skewed and inaccurate. And in the Conservative Community many are viewing the Award as a political statement.

Little green Footballs:

“To no one’s surprise, the Nobel committee has awarded their meaningless politically drive peace prize to the Goracle and the United Nations.”

In discussing the prize they noted past recipients.

“And let’s not forget that other paragon of peace Yasser Arafat.”

But many others praise Gore for his efforts and think that the former Vice President and winner of the popular vote in the highly contested 2000 U.S Presidential Election, say gore is deserving of the prize. Many in the liberal and progressive community have reacted with elation at the news, especially in the blogosphere. Regarding news of Gore’s win, the Progressive site Americablog reacted with just one word: “Fantastic!”

For the History of the Nobel prizes click here.


MY TAKE: Those on the right who bash Gore’s win are just sore losers. Whenever anyone they disagree with whether it be Al gore, the united nations, Jimmy carter, Amnesty International, or DR Martin Luther King Jr receive this honor, the conservatives bark and howl because they don’t have a candidate deserving of the prize. think who would they nominate Dick Cheney? George W Bush? Or that pill popping guy with the microphone (Rush Limbaugh)?

Maybe someone else should have won it, but Al gore’s efforts at educating the public on this science are certainly commendable. besides other then Aung Sung Sui Kyi, The Burmese dissident and pro-democracy leader who won the prize in 1990, I can’t think of anyone else off hand who deserves it. So Congrats Al Gore and Congrats United Nations.


One Response to “Gore and UN Climate Change panel win the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize”

  1. Don’t forget the terrorist Yassar Arrafat winning the “peace prize.” ALSO seems Gore was seen stepping off a private jet with the last couple days. Bet he drives an SUV too.

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