This Day in history Calender- October 12

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Coutesy:, Wikipedia, History Channel

1892- For the first time in American History, The Pledge of Allegiance is recited in unison in U.S Public schools. It would mark the beginning of a national tradition in public schools.

1901: What had always been commonly referred to as the “Executive Mansion” is renamed the “White House” by then U.S president Theodore Roosevelt.

1915: In a brutal display British Nurse Edith Cavell is executed by a German firing squad in Belgium, for aiding allied soldiers in an escape from Belgium which was then within the grip of Germany and the other central powers in World War I.

1932: Political activist, comedian, and author Dick Gregory is born.

1933- A hallmark of the American prison system begins its birth, when the U.S justice Department gains possession of Alcatraz Island right off of San Fransisco. There a legendary secure prison would operate for several decades.

1941: Horror, when in Ukraine 11,000 Jews are viciously slaughtered.

1960: A brash,off beat,and legendary moment in the Cold War when at a meeting of the UN general assembly Soviet premier Nikita Kruschev in response to Philippine assertions of a Soviet Colonial policy being undertaken in Eastern Europe, takes off one of his shoes and begins pounding it on the table like a gavel.

1967: Despite requests by the U.S Congress, at a press conference U.S Secretary of state Dean Rusk rejects the idea of peace talks with the North Vietnamese, due to opposition to such measures by the North Vietnamese.

1968: The Summer Olympics in Mexico City begin.

1968: “Cheap Thrills” an album by Janis Joplin and her band Big Brother and the Holding company tops the LP Charts.

1970: u.S President Richard Nixon states that the United States will continue its policy of gradually reducing U.S forces in Vietnam, with the withdrawal of 40,000 U.S forces by Christmas.

1976: a giant on the world stage is replaced. Following the death of longtime Chinese leader Mao Tse Tung, it is announced that Hua Guofeng will replace Mao as head of state and leader of the Communist party of china.

1984: British Prime Minister Margret Thatcher narrowly escapes a violent death, when a bomb planted by the Irish republican Army (IRA), shatters her bathroom at the Brighton Hotel less then five minutes after she exited.

1999: Pakistani general Pervezz Musharraf seizes power and ascends to the country’s presidency following a bloodless coup.


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