This Date in HistoryCalender – October 17

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Courtesy:, Wikepedia, History Channel`

1888: Thomas Edison makes a move that will illuminate immiginations and the world of media and entertaiment, when inventor Thomas Edison patents what is then known as the optical phonograph, also known as a movie projector.

1917: First British bombing of Germany in World War I.

1918: Goddess of the silver screen, legendary actress Rita Hayworth is born.

1931: He once reigned over the city of Chicago as a crime king pin with free reign over the city, but he is brought down not for his bootlegging opperations, his theft, assualt by his gangs, or even the murders he was involved in, but on charges of tax evasion for which he was sentenced to nine years.

1933: Sensing the growing march towards supression, brutality and yet another world war Nobel Prize winning scientist Albert Einstien flees his native Germany for the United States.

1941: The United States inches ever closer to the chaos and warfare raging in other areas of the globe, when just two months before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, a German Submarine wages an attack on an American Ship.

1967: The counter culture takes center stage when the musical “Hair” opens at the Anspacher Theather on Broadway.

1968: In a politically charged year it should have come as no suprise that political and civil rights issues would enter the blood stream of the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico when American runners John Carlos and Tommie Smith after standing and having won metals for running the 200 meter run, stand each raising a fist in a black power salute and with thier heads hung low as the Star Spangled banner played.

1973: The storm brewing in the deserts of Arabia finally hits the U.S economically, when the countries that comprise OPEC, put into place embargos on oil to all the Western nations (such as the united States) who they see as having stood alongside Israel during its war with Syria.

1979: Mother Teresa becomes a recipent of the Nobel Peace Prize.

1979: Then U.S president Jimmy Carter signs into law the Department of education Organization Act, that will replace the U.S Department of Health, education, and Welfare with the U.S Department of Education and the U.S Department of health and Human Services.


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