This Day in history calender- October 19

In Cold War, Foreign Affairs, History, Sports, Technology, U.S Presidents on October 19, 2007 by Editor Z

Courtesy:, Wikipedia, History Channel

1873- Some of the nation’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning band together to establish part of the foundation of the original code of American football rules. They were drafted by Rutgers university, Columbia university, Princeton university, and Yale.

1935: There is a response to one of the first signs of aggression pre-world war II not from Nazi Germany, but fascist Italy under Benito Mussolini, when the League of nations votes to implement sanctions on Italy for it’s military invasion of Ethiopia.

1937: psychedelic Artist Peter Max is born.

1950: Communist China further flexes its muscle, when the military of the people’s Republic of China, seizes control of the town of Chamndo located in eastern Tibet.

1960: Following just a year or two of Fidel Castro being in power and Cuba under Communist rule, another development in the Cold War takes place, when the United States places a partial embargo on goods to Cuba.

1973: U.S President Richard Nixon, in the wake of the Watergate scandal, when he deifies a order by a U.S Appeals Court to turn over the Watergate tapes to investigators.

1985: The Video retail chain becomes a business that stands on its own when Blockbuster opens its first video store in Dallas, Texas. There are now Blockbuster Video Stores all across America.

1987: Investors and the overall economy are dealt a big blow, when the Dow Jones Industrial Averages, drops by 22%, in what becomes known as “Black Friday”.


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