Box Obituaries: Deborah Kerr, six time Academy Award winning Actress and Hollywood Legend, Dies at 86

In Films/Film stars, History, obituaries on October 20, 2007 by Editor Z

Six time Academy Award nominated actress Deborah Kerr, who graced the silver screen with her beauty and elegance, died in Suffolk, England at the age of 86.

Kerr is likely best known for her roles in “From Here to Eternity” (1954) and alongside Yul Brenner in “the King and I” (1956). Although nominated six times for the Best actress Academy Award she never won that honor. She acted in a total of fifty-two feature films. The San Fransisco Chronicle probably summed up Kerr and her show business career best:

San Fransisco Chronicle:

Like Greer Garason, who preceded her in stardom, Kerr embodied an essence on screen that’s not only difficult to find today, but one that is barely even understood. She had refinement and delicacy of manner without seeming prissy. She was vulnerable without being weak, sensual without being lewd and beautiful without being anybody’s toy.

Deborah Kerr was 86 years old and a legend who hopefully will forever remain etched in the hearts of viewers and on the celluloid of classic film.

Source: San Fransisco Chronicle

Classic Deborah Kerr,From Here to Eternity


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