This Date in History Calender- October 22

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Courtesy:, wikipedia, History channel

1907: Economic turmoil is sparked in an unstable market, when a run on stock from the Knickerbocker Trading Company touches off a chain reaction that will culminate in a severe economic depression.

1914: The United States government for the very first time, while at peace approves a progressive income tax on Americans making over $3,000 when they pass the “Revenue Act”.

1920: Professor, doctor, and psychedelic guru Dr Timothy Leary is born.

1926: A deadly punch from J Gordon White strikes Magician Harry Houdini in the stomach, legend has it that it is this punch that resulted in severe stomach complications that eventually led to his death.

1934: Notorious Depression era bank robber and gun wielding murderer fugitive Pretty Boy Floyd is gunned down by FBI agents in East Liverpool Ohio.

1943: The Allied forces are on the Offensive in World War II, when the British Royal Air Force begins pounding the German city of Kassel, in the second bombing raid on Germany since the War began, resulting in 10,000 casualties and displacing 150,000.

1949: A move that will startle the West and have grave geopolitical consequences, when the Soviet Union showcases to the world that it to has gained the awesome and -potentially earth shattering power of nuclear weapons , when it detonates its very first nuclear bomb.

1957: In a grim omen of things to come in Southeast Asia, the United states suffers its first casualties in its involvement in the Vietnam War.

1962: The stability and safety of the entire world dangles by a thread, as U.S President John F Kennedy, announces to the American people in a revelation that will be heard around the globe, that the United States was enforcing a Naval blockade around the Communist island nation of Cuba, where U.S Spy planes detected Soviet Nuclear Weapons being installed. it would make for the most intense moment of the Cold War and the closest that the World came to all out nuclear warfare.

1964: French writer and philosopher Jean Paul Satre is awarded the Nobel prize for literature. However in a show of modesty and principle he declines to accept it, explaining that ” A writer must refuse to allow himself to be transferred into an institution , even if it takes place in the most honorable form.”

1972: The U.S grapples for a conclusion to the War in Vietnam, as a proposed cease fire is being discussed in Paris peace talks between North Vietnamese officials, U.S National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger, and South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu. Thieu however voices staunch opposition to the proposal and accuses the United states of attempting to weaken his firm but already fragile administration.

1981: A blow is dealt to Air Traffic controllers , when the United States federal labor Relations Authority votes to decertify the Professional Air traffic Controllers Organization, for a strike they undertook the previous August.

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