CLICK ON THIS- A Lock of Che Guvera’s Hair Gets Sold

In Foreign Affairs, History, off-beat on October 29, 2007 by Editor Z

Last week a lock of former revolutionary and South American Communist Icon Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s hair, amongst other items associated were bidded on and sold last week. The hair was sold to a Texas book store owner for 100 grand.

Che was killed in October 1967 in Bolivia by a band of U.S CIA officers. He was then finger printed, photographed, and a lock of his hair was plucked from his lifeless body, to prove that the assassination had taken place. The person who put the lock of hair up to bid was a Cuban employed by the CIA to take Che out who has provided the items to be bid on.

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My Take: Now, the “Motorcycle Diaries” is actually one of my favorite movies, and while Che’s grievances of corporate and North American economic exploitation of South America did and to a lesser degree now, do posses a kernel of validity, and that originally he may have started out with good intentions, in the end he became just another idealist who believed that the ends (liberation) justified the means, whether it be imprisonment, murder, or less extreme means.

Its a Guerrilla fighter, get it? I know that was horrible but i couldn’t resist.


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