This Date in History Calender- October 29

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Courtesy:, Wikipedia, History Channel

1863- Sixteen countries come together in Geneva and lay the framework for what is one of the biggest if not the biggest Aid and relief organization the International Red Cross.

1886- Torrents of paper rain down in the streets of New York, in a celebratory explosion from office workers, as the statue of liberty was being dedicated to New York City. It would be the first ever ticker tape parade.

1901- The Killing of the Davis family who resided in Boston, results in the arrest of Amherst Massachusetts resident Nurse Jane Toppan, who killed her victims by injecting them with an overdose of morphine.

1901- A painful and shocking chapter in U.S Presidential History, the assassination of President William McKinley comes to a close, when the assassin Anarchist Leon Czolgosz is executed by means of electrocution.

1922: Benito Mussolini is appointed Italian Prime Minister by King Victor Emmanuel III.

1929: The United States is plunged into economic crisis that will reverberate throughout the world, when the “Crash of 29” (aka as “Black Tuesday”) ushers in the “Great Depression”.

1956: Aggression in Arabia, the Suez Crisis catches the attention of the global community, when Israeli military forces invade the Sinai Peninsula and force the Egyptian Military back towards the Suez Canal.

1960: A charismatic yet fierce fighting character’s ascension to the top of the boxing world begins, when Muhammad Ali (then known by his real name Cassius Clay) wins his first professional fight in the ring.

1969: One step closer to the modern world of cyberspace, when the first computer to computer connection is made on what is then known as the ARPANET, a product of the Department of Defense, which lays the foundation for the modern Internet.


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