OUTRAGE- Iraqi defector who provided false info on WMD selected for big job.

In Iraq War on October 30, 2007 by Editor Z

Ahmed Chalabi, the former head of the group of exiles known as the Iraqi National Congress (INC), who were the source for the bulk of the intelligence pertaining to alleged Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, has been selected by the U.S and Iraqi Government officials, to play a role in lobbying the central Iraqi government to repair and rebuild much of the Baghdad infrastructure and improve services to Iraqis in Baghdad.

The choice is odd, since Chalabi played a crucial role in disseminating erroneous information on Weapons of Mass Destruction, the primary justification used by the administration and war architects for the 2003 Iraq War. The exile who is said to have left Iraq as a young man and returned after Saddam Hussein was removed from power six years ago, also has faced criminal charges of bank fraud in Jordan and is said to have been funneling U.S intelligence to the Iranian regime.

A spokesman for General David Petraus, who has been in charge of military operations in Iraq, says that Chalabi is “an important part of the process” and has “alot of energy”.

MY TAKE: Chalabi is just as guilty as anyone, working with others to fabricate information and intelligence for his own gain. Now nearly 4,000 American soldiers are dead and their blood is on this guys hands. he shouldn’t be given a job in which to profit and wield influence, rather he should be facing criminal charges of some sort for his part in perverting intelligence. He should be put on trial and then, if found guilty, sentenced for his crime. What crime? Providing trumped up info that placed hundreds of thousands of U.S soldiers in danger as well as costing about 4,000 their lives.

It is also unbelievable that in the face of providing U.S Intel to the government in Iran, which the Bush/Cheney Administration have accused of fueling the insurgency could hold such a position of prestige and garner praise from the U.S General in charge of operations in Iraq.


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