Schwarzenegger: Pot is not a drug, "it’s a leaf"

In Celebrities, Marajuana, media, off-beat, politics on October 30, 2007 by Editor Z

In a British edition for the December issue of Gentle men’s Quarterly Magazine (better known as GQ), Action superstar turned California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in an interview Monday, seemed to imply that he doesn’t consider marijuana a drug.

The subject arose in the context of Schwarzenegger refusing to denounce political figures who don’t admit to private drug use, saying it is their own affair as long as it doesn’t affect their job. The interviewer responded by bringing up Schwarzenegger’s past use of marijuana in the 1970s.

“That is not a drug, it’s a leaf,” Schwarzenegger told GQ. ” My drug was pumping iron, trust me.”

Coincidentally, whether Schwarzenegger meant to say that his drug was the activity pumping iron or the 1970s body building documentary he stared in called “Pumping Iron”, where a young Schwarzenegger is actually shown smoking marijuana is unclear.

Schwarzenegger’s Press Secretary Aaron McClear though has quickly sought to clarify the Govenor’s comments, stating that he was meerly joking in a loose, casual venue.

” Of course the Governor understands that Marijuana is a drug.It’s like when he goes on Leno and the Daily Show, if you took something like that out of context, it might seem shocking but it was in a silly entertainment context.”

For more details: TIME magazine

The Govenor then went off to lunch


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