Highlights from MSNBC Democratic debate- 9:30 to 10:11 in Pennsylvania

In 2008 Presidential Elections, politics on October 31, 2007 by Editor Z

Old photo of Democratic Presidential hopefuls with House majority Whip Represenative Jim Clyburn (D- SC).

The sequence of comments are not one right after the other these are just comments made during this debate.

Hillary Clinton comes under some fire for her vote in support of the Kyl- Lieberman amendment classifying the Iranian National Guard a terrorist organization. Out of the seven candidates on the stage and out of the four current Senators on the stage, Clinton was the only candidate to cast a vote of support for the resolution (Biden, Dodd voted against it, and Obama didn’t cast a vote on the resolution).

Clinton repeatedly asserts that she is doing all she can to dissuade the Bush/Cheney administration from launching a military attack on Iran, stating that sanctions are part in parcel of what she thinks is essential for effective diplomacy. She stated twice that her position is “vigorous diplomacy”.

Obama has emphasized the subject of change and while still hitting the theme of Clinton’s vote on Iraq, but emphasizing the issue of Iran.

On ethics:

“If people want the status quo, I believe Senator Clinton is their candidate,” said former Senator John Edwards.

Barrack Obama has also hit her after Tim Russert asked her about her husband not having his papers released regarding her husband’s presidency, until 2009-2012.

Edwards has thrown a punch stating that Clinton has received more money from lobbyists and defense contractor then any other candidate from either party.

Governor Bill Richardson says that he dislikes what he calls “the holier then thou attitude” of some of the other candidates, saying that they come fairly close to personal attacks. But Richardson also contrasts himself to Clinton by saying he disagrees with her on Iran, Iraq, and No Child Left Behind (he wants to do away with it she wants to reform it).

Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT), states his contrasts and hits Edwards with a jab about contributions from trial lawyers.

Senator Joe Biden (D-Delaware), calls Rudy Gulliani “trhe most unqualified man to be president since George W Bush”, slamming him on his constant invocations of 9/11 in his campaign.

Senator Hillary Clinton says that talk of a coming social security crisis, though it has long time challenges is “largely a Republican talking point”.

On Romney Osama Obama comments:

Says he doesn’t pay attention to what Mitt Romney “says this week. It might be different next week.”
Then a break

I know I don’t do this following the debate thing bloggers do greatly. But those are just some of the highlights of the first half of the debate.


Clinton’s comments agreeing with New York Govenor Elliot Spitzer’s plan to give a special type of driver’s licences to illegal immigrants. Dodd says he disagrees and that a drivers licence is “a privallage”. Clinton says it is not an ideal situation but that it is the ebst way to ensure that illegal immigrants in an accident or any other sitation come forward when in troubling sitautions. Obama and Edwards then slam her on vacilating.

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