This Date in History Calender- November 1

In Foreign Affairs, History, nukes, politics, scandal, U.S Presidents, World War I on November 1, 2007 by Editor Z

Courtesy:, Wikipedia, History Channel

1894: A new era and Russia, as in the wake of Czar Alexander III’s death, his son Czar Nicholas II succeeds his father. He will be Russia’s last Czar.

1914: As War rips across Europe the Battle of Cornell becomes the British Navy’s first defeat at the hands of the Germans, in World War I.

1938: The world of horse racing sees a surprise victory, as race horse “Sea Biscuit” beats the odds, by beating rival race horse “War Admiral”.

1941: A well-known image of beauty is captured and frozen for those of the present and of future ages, of a moonrise over the small New Mexico town of Hernandez taken by renound photographer Ansel Adams.

1950: U.S President Harry S Truman manages to avert death at the hands of two Puerto Rican nationalists whose plot to assassinate him, where he is staying at Blair House located right across the street from the White House. One police officer and one of the assassins are killed.

1952: The U.S detonates its first hydrogen bomb known as Mike, on the Marshall Islands in Operation Ivy, ushering in a new class of atomic weapons.

1954: In their struggle to wrest free from the occupation of the French, the political anti-colonial Algerian group the National Liberation Front (FLN), begins its campaign of violence against the French.

1960: In his 1960 Presidential campaign, then Senator John F Kennedy (D-MA) unveils his vision for the creation of a U.S Peace Corps.

1962: Red Hot Chili Peppers musician Anthony Kiedis is born.

1973: In the wake of the outrage that ensued after the Saturday Night massacre, U.S President Richard M Nixon appoints Leon Jaworski as the new special Prosecutor in the Watergate Scandal.


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