This day in History calender- November 2

In Foreign Affairs, History, media, Sports, Technology, Vietnam War, World War I on November 2, 2007 by Editor Z

Courtesy:, Wikipedia, History Channel

1895: the first race using gasoline powered cars then know “The Great Chicago race of 1895”, n as horseless wagons, takes place with a $2,000 first place prize, provided by the Chicago Hearald.

1898: Modern Cheerleading starts, when led by John Campbell at the University of Minnesota during a football game.

1917: As the world remains fractured and in disarray following the chaos of World War I, the Belfore Declaration is signed, which calls for a Jewish state in Palestine.

1920: A monumental moment in the history of mass communications, when from a garage an electric engineer ends up becoming the voice of the first commercial radio station in the U.S, KDKA of Philadelphia Pennsylvania, as he announces the results of the 1920 U.S presidential elections.

1936: In Canada the CBC known as the Canadian Broadcast Corporation is created.

1948: In a tight presidential election, U.S president Harry S Truman defies expectations and narrowly defeats New York Governor Thomas Dewey for re-election.

1963: Bedlam continues in South Vietnam. As the U.S backed regime of then South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem and his brother Ngo Dinh Nhu grows more unpopular, rife with ineptitude and corruption, Diem and his brother are overthrown and then shot in a military revolt.

1965: A shocking act of protest in front of the U.S pentagon, when Norman Morrison, a young Quaker sets himself afire in front of the Pentagon in a sign of protest against the Vietnam War.

1967: U.S President Lyndon Baines Johnson seeks counsel by a collection of foreign policy professionals known as the “wise men”, who arrive at the conclusion that the U.S Public needs more positive reports of progress in Vietnam.

1976: For the first time since reconstruction a president with roots in Dixie is elected U.S President, when former Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter defeats incumbent President Gerald R Ford.


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