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In Marajuana on November 4, 2007 by Editor Z

A story on caught my attention earlier today. It was about a recent editorial in the New York Times, heralding the abolition of a nearly ten year old law that prohibits the granting of federal financial aid for higher (no pun intended) education, for those who have even a minor narcotics offense, even something as minute as being caught with a small amount of marijuana. Here is what the times had to say:

NY Times:

The law is wrong headed on several counts. It primarily affects low income students and exempts the wealthy,who don’t need aid to attend college. It targets young people of color, who are disproportionately prosecuted for drug offenses and already less likely to complete college. It does not deter drug use, especially among addicts who need treatment to break their habits.

MY TAKE: To an extent they are right in my view. First off, nearly every teenager or twenty something at one point has smoked marijuana (especially at college). That is nothing new. It has been happening on a wide scale for a while.

In 2006 the component of the law which disqualifies someone who has ever faced even the most myopic offense decades ago has been striped from law. Now it just affects those who face an offense while being on finacial aid, risk losing that funding.
Although marajuana does have long term side affects much like alchool,if used heavily, it has never killed anyone.

But even if they dont repeal this senseless law, they should, at the very least do something to ensure that some sort of punishment for those students who don’t rely on financial aid,is just as weighty on them as those students from lower level incomes who do depend on financial aid.

For full details: NY Times,


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