This Date in History Calender- November 7

In civil rights, Cold War, Feminism, Foreign Affairs, History, media, politics, Vietnam War, World War II on November 7, 2007 by Editor Z

Courtesy:, Wikipedia, History Channel

1893: America moves one inch further to National suffrage for women, when women are given the right to vote in the state of Colorado.

1914: Political magazine the New Republic releases its first issue.

1917: According to the Julian Calender which was used in Russia at the time, (according to the Georgian Calender used in the west it took place on October 25),outspoken socialist Vladamir Lenin and his Bolshevik adherents oust the provisional government of Alexander Kerensky, ushering the way for the birth of the Soviet Union in the October Revolution.

1918: Tragedy is in the air in the island nation of Western Samoa, resulting in 20% of the nation becoming casualties of influenza by the end of the year, which hits the country.

1929: The Museum of Modern Art opens in New York city attracting tourists and New Yorkers alike to its halls.

1932: The scifi radio series “Buck Rogers in the 25th century” first broadcasts.

1937: Mary Travers, singer for the 60s group “Peter, Paul, and Mary” is born.

1941: Tragedy and brutality, as the Armenia, a Soviet hospital ship is attacked and sunk by German planes, as they evacuate refugees and wounded staff of several of the facilities patients and staff. But in the end a stunning 5,000 would lose their lives in the brazen assault.

1943: 60s song writer/ Musician Joni Mitchell is born.

1956: War in Arabia, as the United Nations General Assembly rules that the armed forces of Israel, France, and Great Britain pull out of Egypt.

1973: Despite the looming threat of a veto by U.S President Richard Nixon, the congress on a bi-partisan move, votes in favor of the War powers Act, which would severely restrict the Presidents ability to launch war without the informed permission of the U.S congress.

1989: A barrier is broken down for the first time, when in the state of Virginia Doug Wilder becomes the first African American (at least since reconstruction) to be elected Governor of a U.S State.

1991: In a shocking announcement, Basketball superstar Magic Johnson, reveals at a news conference and to the world that he has HIV and will as a result retire from Professional basketball.

2000: Then first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton becomes the first presidential wife to gain elected office, when she wins a race for the U.S Senate.


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