Another Toy Recalled

In China, Recalls on November 8, 2007 by Editor Z

Several more toys are being recalled, less then a week after another recall on cheap actions figures due to excessive amounts of lead paint on them.

The first is a toy popular both in North America as well as Australia that is marketed under two seperate names. In North America they are known as Aqua dots. In Australia, they are sold as Bindenz beads. They are being recalled because the toy consisting of small beads typically used for kids crafts, come together when put into water, is said to have a chemical that if eaten by children can have the same affect of the dangerous date rape drug Gama Hydroxy butyrate, which can result in sedation, unconciousness, and at high levels even death, according to reports.

The toy is produced by Spin Master Toys, based in Canada and the Australian toy company Moose enterprises. They like another of a great many toys this year, have been made in China.

Also thousands of toy cars are being recalled, due to heavy amounts of lead paint.

To learn more about these and a series of other toy recalls go to the site of the Federal Consumer Product Safety commission.

My Take: It will be interesting to see how this deluge of recalls on toys over the course of the past year will affect holiday retail sales, as we approach Christmas, especially mamouth chain stores like Wal-Mart and Target, whose merchandsise consists largely of cheap products made with foreign labor.

Anyway here are some online and much safer alternatives when it comes to buying toys, that I posted a month or two ago after spoting them on



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