Public against Bush on Waterboarding, Iran, still sour on Iraq

In Bush/Cheney Administration, Foreign Affairs, Iraq War, politics on November 8, 2007 by Editor Z

A new set of numbers from the CNN/Opinion Research Poll finds the Americans, despite talk of progress in Iraq following this Summer’s increase in U.S soldiers stationed there, Americans opposition to the War has reached high levels. Based on the figures compiled in this poll, it appears that American trust in the President has eroded greatly, even on his central issue the War on terror. Here are the numbers:
> 1/3 believe that the U.S is winning the War in Iraq

> Bush’s job approval rating stands at 31%

> 31% now approve of the War in Iraq, with 68% opposed to it.

On the administration’s saber rattling on Iran and their nuclear program, the American people are staunchly opposed to launching a new war on the country that neighbors Iraq-

> 63% oppose an air assualt on Iran

> 73% would oppose a ground invasion of Iran

In the wake of the nomination of Michael Maukasey to fill the post of Attorney General, issues regarding the technique know as “water boarding” have arisen. The American people also appear to be against the administration on that:

> 69% consider waterboarding torture

> 58% are against water boarding

MY TAKE: The numbers largely speak for themselves and need no further explanation. Draw your own conclusions from the numbers.


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