Editors Note: Taking a bit of a break

In Editor's Notes, personal, Technology on November 9, 2007 by Editor Z

To my small core of infrequent readers:

First off I would like to say thank you for reading. Second I want to urge you to leave comments on my posts, I wanna hear what you think. A blog is not intended to be a one way lecture of news and ideas. After all in this medium, the thing that is so revolutionary and so monumental about this type of venue is that it is designed and crafted to be a dialogue not a monologue. I seek to converse and discuss not meerly blovate about my view of the world. So I am strongly urging and requesting that you leave comments. Whether they are complementary on my writings, disagreements with my views and choice of content, a funny comment, or just shouting out and saying whats sup? I mean it I wanna hear from you.

Another reason I wanted to write this letter, was to say that for a few days I will be blogging less frequently then usual. This is for a few reasons. My internet seems to be going down randomly again. Also I have been kind of slacking on my school work lately and have alot of work to do. So for maybe a week or so I wont be posting as much as I usually do, though from time to time I will. So keep reading and COMMENT! Hope to hear from you and I will return to the regular routine as soon as I straighten a few things out.

Best wishes and Keep
Reading and COMMENTING-


2 Responses to “Editors Note: Taking a bit of a break”

  1. Get your ass-a-study-in. DAD!!!!!!!!!!

  2. will do

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