Box Obituaries RIP- Norman Mailer (1923-2007)

In hippie scene, literature on November 10, 2007 by Editor Z

Celebrated Writer Norman Mailer, dies at the age of 85.

Acclaimed Journalist, writer, intellectual, and novelist Norman Mailer passed away early this morning at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York from acute renal failure, as recently as a week ago he was hospitalized due to health problems. He was 84 years of age.

Mailer was animated, intense, thought provoking, radical, and bold in his approach and demeanor.

Mailer,like such others as Tom Wolfe, Hunter S Thompson, and Truman Capote blazed a new trail in journalism, writing about the world of the counterculture and often seeming to explore the world of the anti-establishment. He won two Pulitzer prizes for his work which spanned over half a century.

Mailer was born in New Jersey and in 1944 was drafted into the army at the height of World War II, where he served as an infantry man.

In addition to a large volume of articles and essays he penned throughout the course of his life, he wrote a great many novels such as The Naked and the Dead(1948) and Advertisements For Myself (1959). But his most well-known work came from looking at the radical left wing politics as well as the counterculture of the 1960’s with such books as Armies of the Night (1967) which examined the famed march on the Pentagon by hordes of anti-war activists that year that included amongst other radical anti-war leader Abbie Hoffman and radical political theorist and linguist Noam Chomsky. In 1979, he gained the attention of many with his acclaimed book The Executioner’s Song, based on the brutal true story of double murderer and later death row inmate Gary Gilmore.

In 1969, Mailer even entered the world of politics, in a failed run for mayor of New York City.

Throughout, Mahler kept hard at work to the very end of his life’s tenure. Constantly churnning out works that ranged from the fictional, the non-fictional, the societal, the political, and the philisophical.

As recently as this year he was still writing. What was to become his final novel A Castle in the Forest, a fictional portrait of a young Adolf Hitler and his rise to evil, was published earlier this year. Last month he co-authored another book, this one a philisophical work on his own views and reflections of God and religion On God: An Uncommon Conversation.

To read complete and more comprehensive obituaries, (where I got much of the information above from) click below:

Boston Globe


Bloomberg News


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