He was against the War before he started the War?

In Bush/Cheney Administration, Foreign Affairs, History, Iraq War on November 13, 2007 by Editor Z

In Editor& Publisher, Sig Christenson, a reporter with “Military Reporters and Editors” wrote a column where then Texas Governor George W Bush on Veterans Day 1997, expressed his disagreement with those who criticized his father’s decision in 1990 not to push forward into Iraq.

Military Reporter Recalls Bush Objections to Iraq Invasion on A Previous Veteran’s Day
“There are alot of Americans (who say)’why didn’t you get him?” Bush told the Express News back in 1997, according to Christenson. “Well, I’m confident that losing men and women as a result of sniper fire inside of Baghdad would have turned the tide of public opinion very quickly.”

Bush said that efforts to ferret out Saddam from his many Baghdad hideouts would have turned the tide of public opinion very quickly.

Later in the story:

Christensen observed: “That Veteran’s Day, Bush said efforts to ferret out Saddam from his many Baghdad hideouts would have transformed the battle from a desert conflict to an unpopular guerrilla War.”

Christensen also states that the White House has reacted to news of the decade old article by stating that the attacks of September 11 demonstrated the necessity to be in a more offensive position and deal with these threats before they can fully develop.

MY TAKE: Add this to the other tidbits of the past which include Bush’s Criticism in 1999, leading up to the 2000 Presidential election that Clinton didn’t have an “exit strategy” from the conflict in Kosovo, and Dick Cheney’s past assertion that not removing Saddam Hussein from power during the first Gulf War was a wise move. Of course no matter the logic, wisdom, or reason of the past and regardless of whatever the past may tell us, “9/11 changed everything”.

It is that kind of response that in the minds of many has transformed 9/11, from a solemn and somber moment of tragedy and where America was bound together in our common grief, trepidation, and eagerness to help our country recover after we were attacked by a group of terrorists, to a political slogan that like a wide banner seems to be unfurled by the white house and its Political ideological cohorts on an almost daily basis.

And 9/11 made the invasion of Iraq necessary? How? Fifteen of the nineteen Al-Queda hijackers were of Saudi discent. Guess how many were from Iraq? Guess how many of the terrorists were Iraqi? NONE.

All these past statements turn the old adage that “with age comes wisdom” on it’s head.


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