It was for a Good Cause

In environment, off-beat on November 13, 2007 by Editor Z

One nature lover was sentenced last week in Lubbock Texas, for taking his desire to protect nature to such extremes that he was willing to put people in danger.

Lubbock Bike Path Saboteur Sentenced

The man who clothes-lined bicyclists in Mae Simmons park will not be going to jail.

This week, Judge Jim Bob Darnell sentenced David Knape to 600 hours of community service and three years probation. Knape pleaded no contest.

In February, Knape strung wires between trees at the park and broken glass and other obstacles on the bike trail. He was apparently trying to harm bicyclists as a way to protect the wildlife.

MY TAKE: Now I am all for preserving the environment. But did you ever think that maybe one of those animals you are trying to protect could be the ones to cut themselves,ingest the shards of glass, or fall prey to another one of your traps intended for humans? Whatever happened to going to the city or town council about the issue? Last time I checked laying out dangers that could be hazardous to people and the woodland creatures you are trying to protect, is not a productive way to save the environment.


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