World War I Veteran reflects on War

In U.S History, War, World War I on November 13, 2007 by Editor Z

Each year it appears that the veterans of past wars, with history etched in their noble faces like maps and wisdom beneath aged voices, seem to be fewer and fewer in number of those remaining alive. The number of veterans of World War I, a war that seemed to know no boundaries and seemed to consume all the nations of the globe, are especially rare. World War I was the first truly global war, not merely one confined to a country, several countries, or a Continent but that engulfed all the world. It was even said to be “the war to end all wars”.

In the Washington Post today Frank. W. Buckles, is now 106 and as a boy lied to try and get into the Marines. Rejected because of his age from the Marines, Buckles eventually served in the ambulance core. He truly is a relic of the past, one of the few living people who can give a glimpse back into the younger years of what would eventually become known as “The American Century”.


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