This Date in History Calender- November 16

In Crime, economics/money, Films/Film stars, Foreign Affairs, History, Technology, World War II on November 15, 2007 by Editor Z

Courtesy:, Wikipedia, History Channel

1896: A small step on illuminating American and ultimately the world in the 20th century. Electricity is first transferred from a hydroelectric facility in Niagara Falls Canada, across the border to Buffalo, New York.

1904: The Vaccum tube is invented by John Ambrose Flemming.

1907: America admits its 46th state into the union, when the Indian territories and Oklahoma territories merge together.

1914: The U.S Federal Reserve is officially established.

1933: Over a decade after the upheaval of the October Revolution transformed Czarist Russia into the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union and the United States form official diplomatic relations.

1943: American bombers strike a hydroelectric power plant and a heavy water facility in German occupied Norway during the Second World War.

1957: Infamous serial killer Ed Gein kills his second and final victim.

1977: The Science Fiction Classic “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” opens.


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