Tragedy strikes Bangledesh on a wide scale

In Foreign Affairs, Weather on November 17, 2007 by Editor Z

Despair, in the wake of a powerful Cyclone that pounds Bangladesh

Latest reports I have read on the situation in Bangladesh say that the U.S is now deploying two Naval Ships with medical supplies to participate in recovery and relief efforts, as well as aircraft to aid in the search for missing people. This in the wake of a cyclone that touched down in Bangladesh,now estimated to have claimed between 900 and 2000 lives. Hundreds are also said to be unaccounted for, while a great many others now have their homes and much of what they know now reduced to crushed debris.

The Cyclone touched ground on Thursday night with winds said to be violent and as fast as 150 mph and a tidal wave surge of 5 meteres. Cyclone Sidr has since waned in strength after touching down in the middle Eastern country located next to India, but that is obviously of little comfort to the people of Bangladesh. a great many are now undoubtedly displaced due to the storm and the country’s infrastructure is severely damaged by the cyclone’s fury.

Correction: In this I refer to Bangladesh as a Middle Eastern Country located next to India. While Bangladesh is located next to India, it is considered to be a South Asian Country. My apologies there.


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