This Date in History Calendar- November 19

In Cold War, Films/Film stars, Foreign Affairs, History, music, U.S Presidents, World War II on November 19, 2007 by Editor Z

Courtesy:, wikipedia, History Channel

1863: Amidst the ruins and carnage of the U.S Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln gives the famous Gettysburg Address.

1924: Film Director of Silent Westerns Thomas Ince dies.

1942: The tide of Nazi progress in World War II begins to be pushed back ion regards to its invasion and occupation of the Soviet Union. Legendary Soviet General Gregory Zhukov commands his forces in the Operation Uranus counterattacks during the siege of Stalingrad.

1955: A new voice in political commentary emerges from the wilderness when the Conservative magazine founded by William F Buckley Jr the National review, is first published.

1977: A promising development in the effort to craft relations between the Arabs and Israelis, when Egyptian President Anwar Sadat becomes the first Arab leader to visit Israel, as he address the Israeli Canecent on the possibilities of peace.

1985: Two leaders join in an attempt to bridge the conflict between America and the Soviet Union, when Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and U.S President Ronald Reagan conduct their first ever meeting in Geneva.

1990: Grammy Award winning pop duo Milli Vanilli, gets their Grammy award revoked when it is discovered that their voices aren’t the ones providing voice on their album.


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