Hate Crimes on the Rise in America

In civil rights, Crime, Injustice, racism on November 20, 2007 by Editor Z

Its stupid sentiment like this that fuels these crimes.And they are on the rise

Hate crimes increased last year by eight percent, according to a report disclosed by the FBI yesterday. Findings state that the number of hate crimes across the country rose by eight percent.

The violations went up across the board in terms of crimes committed based upon the race, religion ethnicity, and sexual orientation of those who were afflicted.

Amongst other things in the report, statistics state that a total of 7,722 such acts were committed.

FBI: Hate Crimes Escalate by 8 percent in 2006
By Marisol Bello, USA Today

> 19% increase in crimes based on religion. Attacks on Muslims rose by 22% to 156 last year. Attacks on Catholics increased by almost a third to 76. Almost seven in 10 crimes were against Jews, which were up 14% to a total of 967.

– An 18 percent increase in crimes against gay men and lesbians to 1,195 in 2006.

– Attacks on people with mental disabilities were up by 94 percent to 62 in 2006.

– Hate crimes against Hispanics went up 10 percent to 576 incidents.

” Hate Crimes inspired a wide range of groups,” says Jack Levin, a Sociology and criminology professor at Northeastern University in Boston. It seems as thought Americans are suspicious of any group or members of a group seen as foreigners, outsiders, or intruders.”

Levin goes on to say that a number of debates have fueled such a growth in these crimes.

MY TAKE: These statistics are definitely tragic and disheartening, but to a great degree not surprising. America has always struggled and our national quilt of diversity has always been delicately stitched together and prone to tears and divisions at times. Right now a number of such raucous arguments are taking place nationally(gay Marriage, gay rights, the religious right, immigration, racism, racial profiling, the War on terror).

But many in the political arena, in power, and in the everyday public neglect such issues and ignore them. If somehow we as a people, led by our leaders don’t confront this crisis, fueled by extremist rhetoric on all sides, it will be to our peril as a nation. This is an outgrowth of fear spreading across the nation like a cancer on the political body, nourished by fear and jacobinical rhetoric. Maybe what we need in this era of knee jerk reactions based on anxieties and fear, is to use our logic to not expel our concerns, but to temper them and keep things in perspective.


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  1. The guy in that picture needs a job & a girlfriend.

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