Desmond Tutu critisizes church for its focus on sex

In blogs, Religion, Sex on November 21, 2007 by Editor Z

Nobel Peace Prize winner and former South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu, has expressed outrage and sadness over his church’s view of sexuality at the expense of real life and death issues.

This story is via Brian Hayes’s One Stop Thought Shop, a great site that broadens the mind and teches us about the world around us in terms of politics, society, technology, science, and just life’s many mysteries.


One Response to “Desmond Tutu critisizes church for its focus on sex”

  1. Hi Alex, Bishop Desmond Tutu has seen with his own eyes that cruelty can destroy not only a person but an entire nation. Smaller people, even people operating the church, seem to say that cruelty is “OK” if it eliminates their dislikes. A better thing each day is to think about being tolerant and warm. When I look at the law of the land I see no exclusions, none. It is our duty to build and protect our rights and privileges. This is the task of citizenship. Each of us are equal under the law. That is the least thing to give to our Nation.

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