This Date in History Calendar- November 22

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John F Kennedy became the fourth U.S President in History to be assasinated.

Courtesy:, wikipedia, History channel

1942: At the Battle of Stalingrad, the invading Germans find themselves under siege in the Soviet Union, as German general Fredrich Paulus sent a communique to German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler that the German 6th army is encircled.

1943: The Cairo Conference takes place, where in Egypt Chinese leader Chiang Kai-shek, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and U.S president Franklin Delano Roosevelt gather to discuss a strategy to defeat the Japanese.

1963: A nation is forever transformed and inflicted with horror and grief when U.S President John F Kennedy is gunned down and killed in Dallas Texas. U.S Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson, who is also in Dallas, is then sworn in as President.

1963: Writer, Novelist Aldous Huxley best known for his novel “Brave New World” dies while tripping on LSD.

1965: Folk singer Bob Dylan marries Sarah Lowndes.

1975: Following the death of Spain’s longtime fascist dictator Generalissimo Fransisco Franco, Juan Carlos is proclaimed the nation’s King.

1990: Following a faltering economy, British Prime Minister Margret Thatcher resigns.

1995: The first full-length computer animated feature film Toy Story is released in theaters.

2003: Following a strongly disputed election allegedly rife with graft and intimidation, the people of the Ukraine take to the street in protest in what becomes known as the Orange Revolution.


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