Nixon is the one…….. for 2008?

In 2008 Presidential Elections, Fun with Richard Nixon, History, off-beat, U.S Presidents on November 23, 2007 by Editor Z

Could he be the winning Republican Candidate in 2008?

As anyone who knows me is aware of, any type of memorabilia that pokes fun at Richard Nixon draws my attention. As Robin Williams said in the movie Good Morning, Vietnam “he is somebody just begging to be made fun of”, note that probably isn’t the exactly, but its something similar to that. Anyway I saw this on the blog of Brian Hayes, who always has something interesting to say. We often ask ourselves WWND (What would Nixon do?), well not really but I have a button that says that.If we do ask ourselves that in tough situations, we most likely do the opposite of what he would do (such as not record everything you say in secret meetings).

Anyway here is a campaign for Richard Nixon in 2008 (dead since 1994). He ran for President in 1968, after facing defeat for the Presidency in 1960. Then in 1968 he made an amazing political comeback on the platform of bringing honesty and strong leadership back to America. Obviously he fell a little short of that professed aim, with his little, yet unintentional foray into the recording industry. But maybe a dead Richard Nixon would have a better chance in 2008. After all he is dead, so we don’t have to worry about him saying anything on some damned tapes that could disgrace the office.

Nixon 1968 Political ad


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