Defeat for Howard and the Conservative Liberal party in Australian National Elections

In Foreign Affairs, Iraq War, politics on November 25, 2007 by Editor Z

John Howard, the Conservative Prime Minister of Australia of the Conservative-Liberal party who has been one of the top loyal allies of George W Bush, has lost his bid for re-election this past Saturday, to the Australian Labor Party’s Kevin Rudd.

Labor is also forecasted to have big gains in Parliament. Howard was first elected Prime minister of Australia in 1996. Known as one of the very rare foreign leaders who stood with President George W Bush on several issues that were at odds with much of the global community such as refusing to be a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol to curb emissions on Greenhouse gases and in supporting the U.S led invasion of Iraq.

Howard is said to have conceded, and thus comes what sounds to be the close of a 33 year political career.

Rudd’s election will have consequences on the global stage, as he plans to change course and sign the Kyoto Protocol and begin the withdrawal of 550 Australian troops from Iraq

MY TAKE: Despite the election of Sarkowzky in France earlier this year, this just goes to show how immensely unpopular and politically toxic it is to be an ally of George W Bush. Not just for Republicans in the U.S, but also on the world stage.

On the subject of Iraq and the “coalition of the willing”, Friday the new Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, also stated that he wants to remove Poland’s 900 soldiers from Iraq.
Also, Pope Benedict is now calling openly for an end to the War in Iraq. Maybe George W should listen to that ‘higher father’(unless he is talking about Dick Cheney) he was speaking of to Bob Woodward.


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