This Date in History Calender- November 28

In Cold War, economics/money, Foreign Affairs, History, music, Vietnam War, World War I, World War II on November 28, 2007 by Editor Z

U.S President Franklin Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill,and Joseph Stalin attend the Tehran Conference in 1943.

Courtesy:, wikipedia, History channel

1905: Irish Independence political Party Sinn Fein is established

1914: Following a closure related to World War I, the New York City Stock Exchange (NYSE) re-opens for bond trading.

1925: Country variety show Grand Ole Opry, premieres on radio.

1943: Musician Randy Newman is born.

1943: Discussing allied efforts in the war British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, U.S President Franklin Roosevelt, and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, gather in the Iranian capitol of Tehran for the Tehran conference.

1965: Philippines President-elect Ferdinand Marcos agrees to send soldiers to South Vietnam to fight alongside the U.S in the Vietnam War.

1988: A thaw in the cold war, when the Czechoslovakian Communist Party cedes control of it’s one party control over the political process and governing in that country.


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