Commentary: Clinton and Rove melding the past to avoid thier mistakes and unjust deeds.

In 2008 Presidential Elections, Commentary, History, Iraq War on November 29, 2007 by Editor Z

Those who were wrong in the past or who are apologists for those who commit injustice always seem to make an attempt to massage history to either absolve them of blame or falsely view them as ‘misunderstood’. An ignorance of history and the flexibilities of language permit such things to take place. We see that with things as horrendous as the holocaust and as minor as a comment made about someone behind their back. Lately that has been happening on both sides of the political isle in regards to the War in Iraq. The offenders, former President and husband of Democratic hopeful Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY), as well as ex-Bush advisor and Republican party water carrier Karl Rove.

Clinton Monday, as he was rallying support for his wife’s campaign in Iowa, just a little more then a month before the campaign, touted his opposition to the war in Iraq.

” Even though I approved of Afghanistan and Opposed Iraq [the wars] from the beginning, I still resent that I was not asked or given the opportunity to support those soldiers, he said.

Clinton made such comments while discussing the Bush Tax cuts given to the wealthy, as for the past five years in Iraq. But wait! Clinton didn’t oppose the war from the beginning. His wife voted for the 2002 Authorization for the use of force, and although he did fire a few criticisms at the President, by and large he either kept quiet or supported him.

Clinton 2003:

“I supported the President when he asked the Congress for authority to stand up against weapons of mass destruction.” That is from a 2003 speech in Jackson Mississippi by President Clinton.

Clinton spokespeople and Clinton himself state that the authorization was not for military action, but for weapons inspectors to search facilities in Iraq for weapons of mass Destruction. However even the least informed of viewers knew that such ‘diplomatic efforts’ by the Bush Administration were half hearted at best and likely would not silence those who pushed for war.
Also, being against the War in 2003, when the President was still riding high in approval ratings following the 9/11 attacks, was a rare profile in courage by few at the time. only 21 Democrats, an independent, and one Republican in the senate voted against the authorization.

Ex-President Jimmy Carter was against the War and spoke out vociferously. After his death earlier this year, tape recorded interviews of ex-U.S President Gerald Ford were made public, where he expressed strong reservations about the war in Iraq. Also one can surmise that Bush’s own father ex-President George H.W Bush was opposed to the war, after all he and many other advisers warned against removing Saddam Hussein, due to the bloodletting it might unleash across the middle East. had ex-President Clinton spoke out against the War, things may have been different. Since leaving office with around a sixty-five percent approval rating, Clinton has wielded tremendous influence in the Democratic Party. Registering opposition could have swayed enough in the Democratic Party, so that the then narrowly Democratic controlled congress, where many had misgivings about the then impending war, could have voted against the measure.

But that lie is nothing compared to the heaps of falsehoods woven by Karl Rove, the former Bush political and policy adviser who resigned earlier this year. Rove on the Late night talk “Charlie Rose Show” claimed that the Bush administration didn’t want an authorization for war at that time, where midterm elections were just a little less then a month or so away. He said that the vote was a “pre-mature vote” by the Democrats and that the administration had more planning to do for the War.

This isn’t surprising from a man with so little credibility. A man who has dedicated his life to the career and now tattered legacy of the man he successfully campaigned to make President of the United States. A man known for his hard line party ideology above all else and who views the disclosure of covert CIA agents who work to protect of our land and citizenry, as a political tactic. Ample evidence and memory, including briefings from the White House in the lead up to the War, totally dispute Rove’s new claim, to blame the Democrats and remove both he and the President from the parade of follies in the Iraq war that has proven to be both unpopular and America’s third longest War in the history of our nation.

It is dangerous, and the dream of those hungry for power, that the people will forget the past. Well Clinton and Rove forgot about one thing. A data bank where articles that span years and in some cases decades, documents the truth as well as a few of the lies others peddle. its called the Internet. They are both counting on the fact that the public is too ignorant and indolent to examine their claims and study history, to maintain power and justify both their mistakes and their catastrophes.

UPDATE 11/20/07: From the no crap file- Ex-Bush Chief of Staff states that Karl Rove’s account that the Democrats in Congress pushed for the War is false.


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