This Date in History Calender- December 2

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The Ford Model A becomes the latest model by the Ford Motor Company,this day in 1927.

Courtesy:, wikipedia, History Channel

1867: British Literary Great Charles Dickens, reads before his first American audience, in New York City.

1908: At the age of two, an astonishing development, when Pu Yi becomes Emperor of China. A few years later he would become China’s last Emperor.

1920: Following carnage and brutality, the Treaty of Alexandropol is signed ending the Turkish-Armenian War.

1927: Ford Motor Company first unveils the Model A as it’s latest automobile model.

1942: The first self-sustaining nuclear reaction occurs in accords of the Manhattan Project.

1954: His tactics of intimidation and quashing dissent and civil liberties are officially and loudly denounced, when the U.S Senate censures red baiting firebrand U.S senator Joseph McCarthy (R-Wisconsin).

1961: Cuban Revolutionary leader Fidel Castro proclaims that Cuba shall be a Communist nation.

1962: Upon return from South Vietnam, U.S Senate Majority leader Mike Mansfield (D-Montana)becomes the first U.S official to give a pessimistic account on the situation in U.S backed South Vietnam.

1970: Ten months after the legislation establishing it is signed, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is first activated.

1972: A big moment in Australian politics, when Gough Witham is becomes the first Australian labor Party Prime Minister of the Country in just a little less then a quarter century.

1980: An atrocity in South America is committed when four American Nuns and Church women are heinously slaughtered by death squads in El-Salvador.


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