Bush/Cheney Administration: NIE Changes Nothing

In Bush/Cheney Administration, Foreign Affairs on December 4, 2007 by Editor Z

In spite of a new national Intelligence Report that states Iran suspended its efforts to obtain nuclear weapons in 2003, President Bush states that he rhetoric and the peril facing the world has not changed.
President Bush reacted to the disclosure of a National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), a report of data amassed by sixteen U.S Intelligence gathering agencies.

The administration should be embracing the fact that Iran is further from reach of nuclear weapons production instead of denying and almost lamenting it.

Bush warns that “nothing’s changed” and that “what’s to say that couldn’t start another covert nuclear weapons program”?

MY TAKE: What a kill joy. I understand that we have to be vigilant. But this should be embraced as a chance for the Bush/Cheney administration to avoid another calamitous and tragic war. It indicates there is more time for a diplomatic effort and if that doesn’t work heavy economic sanctions. But in the light of this report, the world and the vast plurality of the American populous don’t crave confrontation with a powerful Islamic state where nearly all the population are young and could be swayed from a moderate to a more fundamentalist bent if we attack.

Russia and china won’t stand with the administration. And those in Great Britain, Germany, and France are likely to want to take the course of diplomatic efforts now that it is known that we are not inches from the Iranians wielding a nuclear weapon at Israel and its Arabian neighbors.

Could restart another nuclear program, maybe in the future. but right now it seems that could only happen in the dreams of the Bush/Cheney administration and the idiotic neoconservatives.


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