Imprisoned British Teacher in Sudan, returns home

In Foreign Affairs, Injustice, Religion on December 4, 2007 by Editor Z

The British School teacher, who received a sentence of fifteen days in jail for allowing her young students in the Sudan to name a Teddy Bear Mohamed, is now back on British soil.

Gillian Gibbons, had been sentenced to fifteen days in prison and possible deportation after she allowed students to select a name for a teddy bear. The students named it Mohamed, and she was subsequently imprisoned last week for a sentence of 15 days for insulting the religion of Islam.

Gibbons stated that she didn’t intend to offend anybody.

Some Muslim protesters later on, demonstrated in the streets, as they brandished sticks and swords, calling for Gibbons’ execution.

The harsh sentence for Gibbons gained the attention of much of the western world, and even many moderate Muslims criticized the ruling.

On Monday, however Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir pardoned her and now she is back home in Britain.

Gibbons states that she hopes this doesn’t dissuade others who want to make a difference in the war torn and impoverished African country.

MY TAKE: Sanity has at least somewhat prevailed. It is absurd that the world has come to this, where even the most minor unintentional offense to someone is perceived as akin to Crucifixion. Muhammad is the most common name for boys in the Muslim world. The concept of defiling the Muslim prophet of the same name was likely the last thing on her mind. Those who distort this incident, peddling manufactured outrage, such as this in the streets and demanding her death are a disgrace.


One Response to “Imprisoned British Teacher in Sudan, returns home”

  1. hrrm. The world is psychotic, they might as well imprison the friggin teddy bear if they’re going to act like that. It’s just a NAME for god sake. A COMMON name at that. Its not like she encouraged them to name it Hitler!!!

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