The Pioneer of Peace: John Lennon Remembered

In assasination, Celebrities, History, Justice, music, politics on December 10, 2007 by Editor Z

Today is the 27th Anniversary of John Lennon’s young and tragic death.

This past Friday, December 7, marked the 27th anniversary of the tragic death of ex-Beatle, singer, rock pioneer, artist, activist, and humanitarian John Lennon.

He was a voice that raised a generation’s consciousness, encouraged them to explore beyond the rigid conventional boundaries of thought and behavior, and envisioned a world of peace.

But like so many who have heralded that message in the past (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Mohandas Gandhi, Medgar Evers, Steven Biko, Father Oscar Romero) it would be an act of violence that would be what seized him from this Earth and snatched him to the heavens.

To explore the impact he has had one only need to look at the world around us. His music remains alive, like a soothing voice from the grave and his image remains all around us. Also an interesting observation I hear about John Lennon. A commentator on tv being interviewed on a documentary, pointed out that usually the term assassination is reserved usually for political and maybe religious leaders, yet whenever we hear about John Lennon, his murder is referred to as an assassination. As if he was not just another entertainer, but a leader. Someone who blazed trails in the fields of not only music but creativity, art, thinking, politics, peace, and what our world could be.

May John Lennon rest in peace and because he lived life and touched us with the sunshine of his being, our world just might be an inch or two closer to that distant possibility of a world at peace, then we would be had he not showed us a different way and asked that we give peace a chance.

Thank You


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