CLICK ON THIS: A history of marajuana and the law

In Crime, History, Marajuana, politics on December 11, 2007 by Editor Z

A History of the green stuff. A must read not only for stoners but for all those interested in pop culture history.

Weed, pot, bud, hippie lettuce, diggidy dang whatever the hell you want to call it, it has an interesting history in our country. No question about it. Came across this on the digg box on my blog. Embarrassed to say I haven’t read it all yet though I will. I have watched documentaries on the history of marijuana laws (check out the documentary “Grass”, ). But the first marijuana law was made in 1619 in the Jamestown colonies, requiring farmers to grow Indian hemp seed.

Whether you agree or disagree with the legalization of marijuana, believe it should be legal, or fall somewhere in between, this piece is an interesting history of the forbidden plant that seems to reach deep into many corners of our society.



2 Responses to “CLICK ON THIS: A history of marajuana and the law”

  1. What is your fascination with WEED???????????

  2. My fascination is that one plant could facinate and enrage so many people. That it has spread into pop culture overall. Songs, movies, a whole culture around it. Its also interesting the reactions juts one plant can create , both good and bad. Both emotional and in terms of the law. By the way I know that it was you who wrote that comment dad. lol.

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