So much for the Government’s call to Support the Troops

In Bush/Cheney Administration, Injustice, Iraq War on December 12, 2007 by Editor Z

One woman in Illinois was astonished to find that letters not addressed to any specific wounded solider will not be received. You know those letters people write in support of the troops expressing their gratitude, and wishing them season’s greetings. This is just tragic and wrong.

Charlotte Observer:

“Are we going to forget our soldiers because we are running in fear,” Rena D’Ottavio asked? The suburban Chicago woman was using her blog to encourage friends to send mail to unspecified soldiers until she learned of the ban which she called a sad commentary on society.

Last season, despite the rule, officials say as many as 450,000 pieces of mail not addressed to anyone in particular managed to reach Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington. But they were returned or, if they had no return address, were thrown out altogether, because the hospital lacked the manpower to open and screen all the mail, spokesman Terry Goodman said.

“Alot of this is because its unsolicited mail that someone is going to have to go through,” Goodman said. “Also being a democratic society, there could be inappropriate mail from someone who, say, doesn’t support the war, then you’ve got a wounded solider getting it.”

MY TAKE: First off I do think that the troops should be made comfortable as they try to heal after serving our nation. Having said that “inappropriate mail”? These men and women of valor who have braved the Arabian deserts scorching heat and the attacks of countless terrorists and violent insurgents who lurk in every corner. If they can survive that day in and day out, they can handle the extremely remote possibility, that some idiot will send a message insulting the soldiers and the war.

As for the possible anthrax threat, come on. We could easily afford machinery too detect the prescience of such a substance if it ever was to reach the facilities where wounded soldiers are being treated. Maybe if we weren’t soaking the rich in tax cuts, maybe we could afford it.

I don’t believe in this administration’s inept and corrupt war, but these troops were brave enough to endure a hell most of us never will to do what their country called on them to do. We should have the right to thank them and wish them a Merry Christmas!

But in the meantime as the insanity continues to play out here is a site where one can post a message to U.S soldiers.


Correction:(December 15, 2007: 5:30pm Eastern time) Sorry when I posted this originally I forgot to link to the site where you can send a message of support to our armed forces. Again sorry for the error and it has been corrected.

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