This Date in History Calendar- December 11

In China, civil rights, Foreign Affairs, History on December 12, 2007 by Editor Z

December 12, 2000 Bush V Gore decided in the U.S Supreme Court.

Courtesy:, wikipedia, History Channel

1870: The first African-American member of the U.S Congress Joseph H. Rainey takes his seat in the U.S House of Representatives.

1915: Yuan Shikai, President of the Republic of China states that he seeks to reinstate the system of monarchy and make himself Emperor of China.

1917: The famous home for wayward boys farm village ,known as “Boys Town” is established in Nebraska by Father Edward J Flanagan.

1936: Amidst the chaos of Chinese Civil War and the Japanese invasion of China the famous Xi’an incident takes place ,where fellow Nationalist Zheung Xueling abducts the Generalissimo of the Republic of China Chiang Kai-Shek, holding him until he agrees to establish an alliance with the Communist Party of China to fight the Japanese invaders.

1943: Musician Dickey Betts is born.

2000: U.S Supreme Court rules in Bush v Gore.



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